About Michael Plötz

Taijiquan Teacher, Senior Student and Instructor from Patrick Kelly in the Yang Stil Tradition of GM Huang Xingxian and his teacher GM Zheng Manqing. Michael Plötz teaches in his school at Hamburg. In 1972 he started his experiences in asian martial arts, finding his way through Judo and Gongfu to Taijiquan. Since 1992 he studies closely with Patrick Kelly in this Inner Taiji Trainingsystem. 

Beside the training and teaching Michael Plötz works in his own practice as a general practitioner with focal treatment point in Chinese Medicin und Osteopathy.
The range of education, experiences and professions enable a didactic strategy emphasizing individuality and long-ranged ways of learning. His special interest is the exchange and integration of eastern and western understanding of health, inner growth and development.