7 Year Training Cycle Taijiquan with Dr. Michael Plötz (Hamburg)

Near to Hamburg (Germany) the 7 Year Training Cycle started with pleasant resonance in July 2008. This Workshop-Sequence offers deepening engagement into the system of practice by Patrick Kelly along the Tradition of Master Huang Xing Xian.

Within a set of two intensive Taijiquan Workshops per year there will be systemized classes about the basic principles of this style.

This 7 Year Training Cycle is designed to provide the contents and emphases during the first 7 years of the Patrick Kelly Euro-Camps (and the following years) in a systematic manner. Due to this also beginners and junior students having joined the system at a later time will have the chance to discover, deepen and to revise particular Elements and connecting Parts of this Taijiquan System. For those interested – singular Intensive Workshops also can be booked. In this case previous conference is required.

Structure and offered content of the Intensive Workshop-Weeks
•    5 Loosening Exercises (Huang Xing Xian)
•    Taijiquan Short Form Yang Stil System (Prof. Zheng Manqing)
•    Taijiquan Long Form Yang Stil System (Yang Cheng Fu)
•    Quick Fist (Kuai Quan) (Huang Xing Xian)
•    8 Basic Pattern and Moving Step Pattern (Tui shou)
•    Several Forms of Meditation
•    Short Stick Form
Schedule for classes
Classes will be held daily 3 ½  hours a.m., 2 ½  hours p.m. plus 2 hours evening class to introduce additional issues of training.

Target group
Taijiquan Players in the Yang Style System by Patrick Kelly along the Tradition of Master Huang Xing Xian, intending to deepen and revise their personal structure in learning and practising.


Dr. Michael Plötz, Bogenstrasse 54b, 20144 Hamburg, Germany

Fon:  +49 (0)40 40 64 55

eMail: michaelploetz@t-online.de

web:  www.michaelploetz.de